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Commission A Personal Art Piece

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Art can be very personal and to me, is meant to be an expression that evokes emotion. I love the idea of creating or recreating a special scene or image that can be treasured for years to come.


For those that want to have a cherished  loved one or a scene from a beloved movie re-created as paper cutting art, please read about the process and click the button below to Commission a Piece

The Process

  • Art Piece Size: All my pieces are 8.5" x 11" 

  • Materials: Card Stock Paper & Glue. 

  • Purchase Process: 

    • Deposit: A $50 deposit will be collected when an order is placed. ​

    • Consultation: A conference call will be scheduled to discuss the requested piece and determine your desired colors. 

    • Production Time: 7-14 days

    • Final Approval: Once the piece is completed I will send a digital picture of the piece for your final approval; It is at this stage that I am willing to make any small adjustments to make sure that you're happy with the piece. 

    • Final Payment: Once approved an invoice will be sent to collect the balance of the payment and shipping costs. The typical cost of a commissioned art piece is $225, unless the picture requires more detail work which will cost a little more as it takes longer to make.

    • Shipping: US Postal Service - 2 Day Priority

    • Packing: Each piece comes with its own glass/plastic frame that will protect the piece through shipping. 

  • Return Policy: I have a 100% Return policy as long as the piece is returned. 


To request a personal commission, simply click the button below and complete the following webform and I will be in contact to discuss your piece and set the price.  

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